Buy Now: S$ 80
(100ml ink/color-4 colors)
Dye Ink
100ml/color-6 colors
Buy Now: S$ 10
(100ml ink/color-4 colors)
Sublimation Ink
100ml/color-6 colors
Transfer Paper for Light SHirt
Buy Now: S$ 20/pk
Magnetic Inkjet Paper
Buy Now: S$ 24/pk
PVC paper for ID printing
(A4 size, 50pcs/pk)
Buy Now: S$ 75/pk
Magnetic Sheet with
S$ 280/ pk
(200pcs of A4 size)
ID Holder
(contact us for pricing)
Sublimation Paper for Mug/
shirt printing
Buy Now: S$ 15/pk
Blank PVC Card
Cutter Plotter Blade
Buy Now: S$ 30/box  
(3 pcs/box)
Plain White Mug (Coated)
Buy Now: S$ 1.90/pc
(48 pcs/ box)
Anti-Hot Sponge
Pigment Transfer Paper for Dark Shirt
(A4 Size)
Buy Now: S$ 10
Plain Mousepad (for sublimation printing)
Buy Now: S$ 40/ 50pcs
Cotton Shirt
Plain Puzzle (for Sublimation Printing)
Buy Now: S$  95/50pcs
Button Badge, Lanyard Button,
Magnetic Button
Pls Contact
Bedroom Slippers
Contact us for Pricing
Dri FIt Shirt
Buy Now: S$ 3.80 each
Etching Cream
S$ 15/200g
Buy Now: S$ 14/pk
GE Digital Imaging